Our beautiful son and brother, Ross, was a very positive, dignified and brave young man. He fought a difficult battle and lost to an insidious illness called Ewings Sarcoma, a name we never heard before but one we will never forget.


Over the four years or so that the Ross Nugent Foundation has been in existence, more than one hundred and fifty pieces of equipment have been donated to St Clares Ward and to the Day Oncology Unit in Beaumont Hospital.

Ross, during his four months of treatment, only ever spoke about the things he would do to raise funds to provide equipment in order to help make life more comfortable for patients, relations and nursing staff. The Foundation was set up in order to do this on Ross's behalf and to ensure that his promise would be fulfilled.

Thanks to the generosity of so many good people, this has been possible and it gives comfort to Ross's parents, Don and Sandra, to Ross's sister Emma and to all involved with the Ross Nugent Foundation that so many have taken the time to write to us telling us that it is making a difference to their journey. These are just a sample of some of the beautiful words we have received and for which we are extremely grateful:

# From Mary Coogan

Dear Emma and everyone else,
I was in the new room The Glade in the oncology day ward yesterday and the two previous Thursday's and I just wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely in love with it!
The chairs are so comfortable I nearly fell asleep after just a few seconds. The colour is amazing I found it so calm and relaxing. It was as if I was sitting out in a forest forgetting about everything that has been going on. My favourite thing about the room is that the windows are also covered so we don't have to be staring out the window at another part of the hospital. I almost forgot I was in the hospital till one of my machines started beeping ha. It's simply amazing and thank you all so much for putting it together for us all!
Much love,

Mary Coogan. x

# From Paula Morgan

Hi Guys

Just want to let you know that on the 4th of June, myself and my friend Ger attempted to jog the flora's mini marathon for you. We managed to jog 6 out of the 10k and came in at 1.40m, not too bad considering i was in agony after the first 1m with leg pains, lol. My main reason for choosing your foundation is because of my sister Anna Mc Sweeney, she's a patient of beaumount, and your foundation really touched her heart, one of the times when she had to stay in she read about Ross, and from then wanted to so some fundraising for you, unfortunately she never got well enough to do it, so I decided to do this for her. she's just spent the last 5 weeks in St Clare's, and because of the donations you have raised, one of us were able to stay with her every night in some comfort, so from the very bottom of my heart i want to say thanks, to everyone involved with Ross's foundation, it's heartwarming to see a family out off their own personal tragedy doing something that will help so so many people.

Today Anna is been moved into Raheny Hospice. It's such a sad time for us all, but we will have her living in our hearts forever, she was one of the worlds good ones.

It was an honour to do this for you

# From Katie Egan

Your son is an inspiration to me. It's because of your son that every day I get up and im a little bit happier. I've never met your son but he has made such an impact on my life that I wanted you to know. I want to help in any way possible to get Ross’s story out. Every year on his anniversary I post on my instagram, twitter and Facebook page about him. I upload a photo, just so that maybe one of the people I am friends with looks at it and reads his story and gets as inspired by him as he inspired me. I know that he left a big hole in your heart, but you should be so proud of what he has done for so many people around Ireland.

# From Marguerite Dawe

My Dad recently spent his final days in St Clare's Ward and the special beds that the foundation provided made these days extremely comfortable for him and more bearable for us to know he had such comfort. As well as all the great equipment you provided to help my Dad, the great artwork on the signs for the foundation brought some much needed colour and brightness to the ward every day!! Seeing the great work your foundation does and the fantastic help it gives to patients and relations, we were inspired to also collect donations for St Clare's instead of flowers for the funeral and we raised just under €1000. I want to thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for people, both patients and their families, at such a fragile time in theirs lives. Unfortunately for us our story also didn't have a happy ending but as a family we can't tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

# From Anna McSweeney

Paula Morgan omg that is amazing, all who are involved with this are truly earth Angels, with the help for your own Angel up above.. My sister is one of the people that's benefiting from your kindness and huge hearts, for this i am and always will be grateful from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much.

I am attending day oncology for the past two years being to Clare's word and see the wonderfully work you have done i would like to thank you from the bottom of my hart for all the great work you have done

# From Alison Ni Chiardha

Hi Guys,
You don't know me, and i don't know you,l but I saw the song on you tube that Bribry did for your brother, which in turn lead me to see all the amazing work you and your family are continuing to do for the Ross Nugent foundation. I lost someone so important to me from cancer recently and I cant imagine how hard things must have been on you and your family. I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration and keep doing what your doing. I'm sure your brother is so proud of you all.

# From Sinead McMahon

Hi Emma,
Thanks so much for your lovely message ,I'm delighted you did message me i was actually hoping you would because when i listen to your story and read about its so similar to ours , my brother had back pain he went to physio he went on holidays and was worse when he came back , and like you and ross myself and chris are so close and he is my best friend, i have one of ross's wrist bands on and wont take it off its might sound weird but its like an extra bit of strength to help me get through this my dad has one and so has my brothers girlfriend and a few more people want them also , if there is anything i can do to help the foundation i be more than happy too just give me a shout because thanks to ross and your family my mams stay in st clare's ward was a lot more comfortable because she slept on one of the chair beds that was donated by the foundation.

# From Ronan

Dear Ross Nugent Foundation,

It is amazing to hear progress that the Foundation is making – having spent time in hospital, I really understand the difference that making patients more comfortable has on those receiving treatment – something that is often overlooked because there are so many large projects that demand attention.

# From Orla Crowe

Dear Ross Nugent Foundation

I have just left the oncology ward in Beaumont for the last time as this part of the treatment ends at least. I really hope that I won’t ever have to return as a patient again. What I want to tell yourself, Sandra and Emma that throughout my treatment when I think of my time there I visualise the blue and red chairs! My husband was amused with my skill in getting the chair just right. You have really helped to make the experience be as good as it can be. I saw the blood pressure monitor all funked up today and though of the heart-breaking promise Sandra made to her beautiful son, look how a mothers love can manifest itself. You all should be very proud to have turned your enormous tragedy into something so good and something that will last into the future. I wish you and your family the very best.

# From Cathleen Murphy

Firstly I would like to say how sorry I am for you that you lost
your beautiful son, what a wonderful person he was to be so thoughtful
and caring to think of helping others in similar situations, you must be
so proud of him.

Secondly, the chairs & equipment make such a difference to the patients
at Beaumont, you have no idea. Can't thank you enough for your wonderful work, it is powerful & a great achievement to you. 

# From Lorna Parkmanley

To me, Ross is an inspiration, and I think that he would have gone on to do many incredible things. I feel so blessed to have found his story, and I want to help fundraising. I am determined to help this foundation, in honour of Ross and everything that he stood for. 

# From Bernie Lowry

To The Ross Nugent Foundation,

Being from Malahide I know about all the wonderful work your charity doses but until I became a patient of The Oncology Day Ward in Beaumont Hospital I have experienced first hand the results of all the fundraising and amazing work you do for the patients and families of The Day Oncology Ward and also St Claire's Ward to make their time in there much more comfortable and bearable. I just want to say what an amazing son and brother Ross must have been and I just can't imagine the pain of losing your loved one so young and I am so sorry for your loss.

The first day I walked into the ward I was so overwhelmed and scared but as I received my chemotherapy in the lovely comfortable chairs I could watch the TV or listen to my favourite radio station or even lie back and doze off If I wanted too and I felt so at ease. I am finished my chemotherapy now and doing very well I'm hoping to get the all clear very soon.

Myself and my family would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for fulfilling Ross's wish and also how incredibly proud you must be of him ,for those that knew him he will always be remembered for his kindness and caring nature ,life can be so cruel he was taken far too soon. Through my journey you were always in our thoughts and prayers and we will be forever grateful to you all . 

# From Lena

To the Nugent Family and all at the Ross Nugent Foundation,

I had heard reports of the fabulous new Oncology Day Ward at Beaumont Hospital, before my arrival there in March 2012 as a Breast cancer Patient of Dr. Grogan's. I still wasn't prepared for the lovely surprise of the red and blue Bionic Chairs and the cheerful artwork and ambience provided by the Ross Nugent Foundation. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It makes a huge difference to patients and families alike, having experienced the Day Ward's former facilities in 2003.

I always think of Ross, and you his family, during my visits there and the Foundation's cheerful artwork prompt me to tell the story of Ross to fellow patients not familiar with it. Ross's gesture was so noble, and I marvel at your motivation to continue to provide enhanced comfort and dignity for other patients and their families, in honour of the wishes of your beautiful son.

Thank you so much for all the work you do. With very best wishes.

# From Haematology ward, Beaumont Hospital

On behalf of everyone here in the Haematology Ward in Beaumont Hospital we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your recent generous donation of electric beds and colleague infusion pumps. Patients who are enduring the stress and strain of cancer deserve the best treatment. The beds and the infusion pumps have helped to achieve this objective. Indeed the patients have commented that they can sleep more comfortably. The colleague infusion pumps enable chemotherapy to be administered safely. The chairs have enabled family members to sleep beside their loved ones on their final journey.

Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of the patients admitted to Haematology Ward for treatment and palliative care.

# From Lisa

I just wanted to send you a little message to say thanks to The Ross Nugent foundation and the great people who support the foundation through their fundraising efforts.

I am a 40 year old mother of two boys who has just left St. Claire's ward in Beaumont hospital after a short visit due to a problem with my treatment for secondary bone cancer.  I haven't previously stayed in St. Claire's ward but have seen Ross's name on all the equipment donated up in the oncology ward.  The reason I am writing to say thanks is that I noticed that my electric bed, which makes the job of getting up in the morning a lot easier, was donated by your brilliant foundation.

Thank you for all of the hard work you  all do on a daily basis it makes a huge difference to the patients and is greatly appreciated.

# From Katrina

Recently, I started watching BriBryOnTour's YouTube videos, which brought the story of Ross Nugent to light for me.  Going to the website and hearing his story really inspired me.  I was literally crying by the end of the story, and my family was giving me these funny looks.  Because of Ross, I now know how fragile life can really be, but that even when times are down, you can still push through them with a smile on your face.  It was so inspiring to hear his story, and I was really touched by it.